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Embedded Development

One of the fundamental characteristics of developing software for any embedded devices is the custom and complex nature of the activity .Each new embedded product represents a new computing platform ,consisting of a never-before-tried and tested out combination of commercial third party software and silicon ,custom ASIC and hardware and application software.

We at Delta Labs understand this .Hence , we take a service -centric approach to our clients .We have a consulting mindset in everything we do ,whether it involves developing a sophisticated device driver for a network processor or moving the entire application from one processor architecture to another .

Our focus is exclusively on embedded software and services .This deep focus not only allows us to have undue advantage over others but also help us them work better together for you .Our expertise includes the following

  • Embedded System Architecture and Platform Porting
  • Board Support Package
  • Device Drivers
  • Device Software Applications
  • DSP Applications
  • MATLAB Software Applications