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Quality Assurance

In today's competitive world, quality has become an important differentiator. Everyone wants to deliver quality products into the market, but not everyone can afford the real costs of creating quality. Delta Labs can help through its cost effective and efficient testing services.

Data Quality Assurance & Management

Data problems come in many forms; incomplete records, partial information, wrong information, incorrectly tagged data, misaligned data fields between different sources, etc. To compound the problem data quality is not a onetime problem. Data quality is impacted every time an application modifies data, a person enters new information, and a new data feed comes into your system. Poor quality data and ongoing data management issues impact the effectiveness of your solution and severely affect the experience of your users.

Software Testing

Delta Labs commitment to quality extends to everything we do. From the very beginning, we have rigorously applied quality assurance and testing to all of our development activities. Through this work Delta Labs has built a team of dedicated QA and Testing professionals; senior professionals with extensive technical skills and QA process depth. We are now pleased to extend our testing and QA expertise as a separate service to our clients.